How to Use a Prepaid Visa Gift Card on Amazon?

If you have ever gotten a Visa gift card, you might be wondering if and how you can use it when shopping online. Paying with a prepaid Visa gift card can make shopping less stressful. However, how do you use a prepaid Visa gift card on Amazon? This article can help explain how to use a prepaid Visa gift card on Amazon.

To use a prepaid Visa gift card on Amazon, you would input the card information the same way you would a Visa debit card. This can be done before you shop and check out or during the checkout process.

There are other methods to ensure that you can use these prepaid Visa gift cards on the Amazon store. Reading this article can offer some tips that could aid in this and offer where you can buy a prepaid Visa gift card.

Use a Prepaid Visa Gift Card on Amazon

How to Use a Prepaid Visa Gift Card on Amazon?

With today’s technology, it can be really hard for some to understand how to use a prepaid gift card. That is why research can help. When you use a prepaid Visa gift card online, you are essentially using a debit or credit card. 

So how do you input these cards as the payment methods on Amazon?

For starters, make sure that you know what the entire balance is on the card. Sometimes going even a penny over can cause the card to not work. 

There are going to be two different ways that you can add this prepaid Visa gift card to your Amazon account. If you do not have an Amazon Account, you can create a free account. 

You can do one of two ways: add your prepaid Visa before or during checkout. Either method should work. 

Add Before Checking Out

Adding before checking out is beneficial if you are not sure what you want to buy. This can be great for later. 

Here is how to add a prepaid Visa gift card to your Amazon account before you buy and checkout. 

  1. Go to and click on the Accounts and Lists tab that is located at the top right-hand corner beside Returns & Orders. *If you do not have an account, create one and then go to Accounts and Lists. * 
  2. Go to Your Payments
  3. Add Payment Method
  4. Enter card information. This will be the 16-digit card number, expiration date, and the security code. 

Once all this has been completed and you have clicked on the Add button, your prepaid Visa should be added to your Amazon account as a payment method. 

Adding During Checkout

If you have already started shopping and have found something you want to buy, you can just add your prepaid Visa gift card at checkout. 

This is a pretty simple step and shouldn’t take any longer than it would to add a debit or credit card.

To add your prepaid Visa gift card at checkout just follow these steps. 

  1. After you have added your item(s) to your cart, just continue to checkout. 
  2. Add all the information needed that may include your name, address, phone number, etc. 
  3. When you get to the payment method, you will select Add a debit or credit and input the card’s information. 
  4. Then you should be able to proceed to the checkout. 

If for some reason you find that you are not able to checkout there may be a cause.

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Reasons Your Prepaid Visa Gift Card Doesn’t Work

There can be several reasons why your prepaid Visa Gift Card didn’t work at checkout. This could be anything from a wrong number to the balance that is on your card. 

To check the number you:

  1. Go to Account
  2. Payment methods
  3. Click on the Prepaid Visa Gift Card and then Edit.

Double-check the card’s information and number to make sure they are all correct. If they are not right, you can change the numbers to the correct ones. 

If all the numbers are correct, then you may have a balance issue. Sometimes you may not account for extra charges. These extra charges can range from taxes to shipping and handling fees. 

Amazon doesn’t usually let you use two payment methods. Sometimes if you are using an Amazon gift card they may use the balance on that gift card first and then use a different payment method listed on your account. 

However, this is not always the case. Once you have a card as a debit or credit, amazon may not allow for the split. \Going over your balance can make it harder for you when you buy something. 

So, it is always important to make sure that you account for the extra charges on your prepaid Visa gift card.

Where Can You Buy a Prepaid Visa Gift Card?

You may be wondering where you can purchase a prepaid Visa gift card. Although you can get a gift card practically anywhere, finding a prepaid Visa gift card can be harder to find in-store.

You can buy these gift cards at some of these in-store locations that could be used on your Amazon account. 

  • Walmart
  • Kroger
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Office Max
  • America’s Cash Express

You can use these gift cards for yourself or your kids as a payment method online or inside the store or as a gift to others.


Adding a prepaid Visa gift card to Amazon should be similar to putting a debit or credit card on your account. As long as you have an Amazon account, you should be able to add your prepaid Visa gift card to your account regardless of if it is before you checkout or during checkout. 

Make sure you are using the balance on your card so that any purchases you make will go through. If, for some reason, they don’t, there could be a mistake in the numbers and information data entered, or you have gone over the amount available on the card. 

This reason can be a simple fix and should only require a check or perhaps more money to be loaded. 


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