How to Use a MasterCard Gift Card Online?

In this day and age, most people prefer online shopping to in-store. So if you recently received a MasterCard gift card, you might wonder – “Can I use this for online transactions, and how?” The good news is that you can use MasterCard gift cards online, and it’s relatively easy.

To use a MasterCard gift card for online transactions, you should treat the gift card like a credit card rather than a traditional gift card. You’ll select the “Credit Card” option upon checking out – not the “Gift Card” option. Enter the information on the back of the card, input your billing/shipping address, and complete the purchase.

Are you thinking about using your MasterCard gift card to do some online shopping but aren’t sure how to do it? This article teaches how to use your MasterCard gift card for online transactions successfully. Don’t worry – it’s a cinch!

Use a MasterCard Gift Card Online

Five Simple Steps to Use a MasterCard Gift Card Online

Using a MasterCard gift card to shop online is relatively easy. There are only five steps involved.

Grab your MasterCard gift card and follow these easy steps:

1. Check the Balance

Before you begin your shopping spree, you must double-check the balance of your gift card. After all, the last thing you want to do is end up with a purchase price higher than your gift card balance. You’ll have to supplement the extra cost or remove items from your cart.

To check your MasterCard gift card balance, do the following:

  • Head over to Mastercard ( and enter your gift card information, including the 16-digit card number, expiration date, and 3-digit security code, or
  • Call 833-623-4266 and input the details of your gift card

Write down the balance using a Sharpie on the back of your gift card or jot it down somewhere easy to find, such as in the “Notes” on your smartphone or a piece of paper on your desk.

Also, Read balance check guide.

2. Shop Online and Head to Checkout

Now that you know your MasterCard gift card balance, it’s time for the fun part – shopping!

Shop online at all of your favorite stores as usual. 

When you’ve finished shopping, select “Checkout” as you usually would.

3. Select Credit, Not Gift Card

This is the part that can get a little bit tricky, as most gift cards are entered by selecting the “gift card” option upon checkout.

However, MasterCard gift cards are different. They are not produced for a specific store. So, you will not select the gift card option when checking out.

Instead, select “Credit” or “Credit Card” as the payment method. 

4. Insert the Card Details

Because MasterCard gift cards are treated like credit cards rather than traditional gift cards, you’ll need to enter the card information in the same way.

You will need to turn the card over and enter the following information on the back of the gift card:

  • 16-digit card number
  • Expiration date
  • And 3-digit security code

Double-check that all of the information has been inputted correctly. Otherwise, the transaction will not go through.

5. Finish with the Billing Address Section

To finish your online transaction, enter your personal information under the “Billing Address” section of the checkout page.

You will need to add specific information, such as your billing/shipping address.

Other information may be requested, which may or may not be optional. Such information may include your email address, phone number, etc.

When you’re finished inputting your personal information, select the “Complete Purchase” option. Your transaction should go through successfully.

Why Won’t My MasterCard Gift Card Work?

If you followed the five steps above and your online transaction did not go through, you’ll need to do some troubleshooting. Here are the top reasons why your MasterCard gift card didn’t work – and, more importantly, how to remedy the situation.

1. The Card Has Not Been Activated

In order to use your MasterCard gift card (online and in-store), you must begin by activating it. 

There are two ways to activate your MasterCard gift card:

Once the gift card is activated, it can be used like a regular credit card for online purchases.

2. Not Enough Balance

If the transaction amount exceeds your gift card’s available balance, the transaction will not go through.

That is why it is imperative to check the balance of your MasterCard gift card before shopping online.

You can check the balance of your gift card on the company website or by calling their 800 number, 833-623-4266.

3. The Store Doesn’t Accept This Form of Payment

While this is relatively unlikely, it is still a possibility.

Some merchants opt out of accepting MasterCard gift cards as a form of payment.

If this is the case, you’ll need to choose another store to do your online shopping.

4. The Merchant Requires a Hold That’s Greater Than Your Balance

Some merchants require a hold with every purchase. This hold can be as high as 20% above the final purchase price. The transaction will not go through if you don’t have enough money on your gift card to cover this hold.

You’ll have to remove some of the items from your cart to remedy this issue.

5. The Card is Expired

It’s true that MasterCard gift cards expire.

However, it’s important to note that the funds do not expire.

If your MasterCard gift card expires, contact MasterCard Gift Card Customer Care to get a replacement card. They will ship out a new gift card that can be used successfully for online transactions as long as you have enough balance to cover it.

Using a MasterCard Gift Card for Online Transactions is Simple!

When it comes to using a MasterCard gift card for online transactions, the best way to do it is to treat it as a regular credit card. Upon checkout, you’ll select the “Credit Card” option, insert your card and billing information, and complete the purchase. Ensure you input all information correctly and have enough balance to cover the transaction. 


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